Institut Even Blend Serum

$59.00 inc GST


For all skin types, especially pigmented


For all skin types, especially pigmented
● Reduces the appearance of uneven tone caused by sun exposure, skin inflammation or hormone imbalance
● Exfoliates and smooths for a softer & more refined skin texture
● Addresses age spots, skin discolouration and brightens uneven skin tone resulting in a more luminous and radiant complexion

Product Ingredients
Glycolic Acid, Daisy flower, Wakamine & Lotus extracts

Product Description
Apply a pea sized amount morning and evening to areas of unwanted pigmentation, avoiding the eye area. Apply after cleansing prior to moisturising.
**For stubborn pigmentation, combine with one tiny shake (a grain of rice amount) of Skinstitut Vitamin C. Use in conjunction with Skin Inject™ DNC Derma Roller up to three times per week. Avoid eye area.