Laser Hair Removal vs. IPL 


At Courtenay Cosmetic Clinic we get a lot of clients visiting us because they haven’t got the results they were expecting through IPL and are surprised to learn there are significant differences between laser and IPL.

Here is an email from a recent client:
“Hi, I would like to make a booking with your medical-grade laser. After a lot of treatments at a day spa I still don’t have the results I was expecting. I have recently found out there are different grades of machines! If only I’d known at the start.”

We’ve all heard the terms IPL (intense pulse light), VPL (variable pulsed light) and laser hair removal. Many of us including a lot of operators tend to interchange these terms. Here is what you need to know to make an informed choice.



IPLs/VPLs are technically not lasers; instead they use xenon flash lamps and work by emitting a variety of light wavelengths. Because the wavelengths are dispersed at a variety of depths only some of these are effective for hair removal.

In contrast, Laser Hair Removal units work by emitting a single concentrated light beam that targets each hair follicle at the root. The beam is absorbed and transmitted by the pigment in the hair, converted into thermal energy and effectively ‘disables’ the hair’s ability to grow.

In New Zealand there are a lot of IPL machines because as a general rule of thumb IPL machines are cheaper devices. It is our belief, which has been backed up by feedback from our clients, when it comes to getting the best best results for removing unwanted hair medical-grade laser technology is the most effective method.



At Courtenay Cosmetic Clinic we are a specialist non-surgical clinic and our mission is to offer the most effective technology at the best prices. We have gone one step further to offer Candela GentleLASE which is FDA approved medical-grade laser technology. These medical-grade lasers are widely considered the industry benchmark for hair removal and our clients are are seeing exceptional hair reduction.