Candela GentleLase Pro 

Introducing the GentleLase Pro

Syneron-Candela has built a reputation as the industry leader for laser hair removal. The GentleLase Pro is their newest and most advanced alexandrite laser on the market today and Courtenay Cosmetic Clinic is the first clinic in Wellington to offer the Rolls Royce of laser hair removal.

Best of all it is up to 50% faster than our other lasers which mean big treatment areas like full legs will take half the time. It is loaded with advanced features to minimise discomfort, and delivers extraordinary results that have earned the trust of customers worldwide.

Courtenay Cosmetic Clinic has built a reputation as Wellington’s number one destination for laser hair removal because of our continued commitment to investing in the absolute best technology and guaranteeing the lowest prices. Ask for the GentleLase Pro by name.


Expect Extraordinary Results

The GentleLase Pro is used practionisers around the world including the leading Dermatologists for the following treatments:

  • Hair removal – experience how much more effective (and faster) the GentleLase Pro is compared to lesser quality lasers and IPL units.
  • Facial and spider veins – also know as vascular lesion removal the GentleLase Pro pulses onto the veins sealing them off and causing them to disolve.
  • Age spots – also known as sun spots or melasma they give the skin a browny, blotchy appearance. The GentleLase Pro can help rejuvenate your skin and restore to it’s natural glow.

Minimal Discomfort

One of the most common questions we get asked is how painful is laser hair removal?

One of the great features of the GentleLase Pro (and our other lasers) is there is a range of options to make the treatments very tolerable and less painful that waxing including:

Dynamic Cooling Device

The cryogen-based Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD™) protects the epidermis and save time. DCD cooling scales with fluence provide more consistent, operator independent epidermal protection.
The patented Dynamic Cooling Device™ (DCD™) delivers consistent bursts of protective cryogen before and after each laser pulse for improved patient comfort.

Air Cooling

We also offer the option of zimmer air cooling. The air cooling device attaches to the GentleLase Pro and cools epidermis before, during and after the laser treatment. We can set the temperature to completely minimise any discomfort.


Want More Information?

The Candela GentleLase Pro is available at our Featherston Street and Courtenay Place Clinic and the primary focus of the laser will be to make big treatment areas significantly quicker and more comfortable e.g. full legs, half legs, full back and full body.

Free Consultations

At Courtenay Cosmetic Clinic we offer free consultations where we go through the treatment in detail including what can be expected and setting realistic expectations from the treatment.

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GentleLase Pro
GentleLase Pro